ServSafe Level 1 Food Handler is appropriate for non-management employees as well as all risk level 1 and 2 food service operations. (Temporary, mobile, or vending operations)

Note*  Level 1 Food Handler certification will not keep you in health department compliance if you are a manager or person in charge of a class 3 or 4 food service operation. For more information regarding 

To take your ServSafe Level 1 Food Handler online class and certification test at Foodology please follow the link below to purchase and schedule your course and test. The process from start to finish usually takes 1 - 2.5 hours. You are required to provide your own headphones. Foodology will provide a lap top computer or tablet with wi-fi for completing the test. Once the test is completed (and passed) you will be able to print your ServSafe Level 1 Certificate at the time of completion. ‚Äč