ServSafe Level 2 - Manager Certification

Foodology offers test proctoring for​ those that are working in the food service industry and need to stay current with the new laws regarding food safety in Ohio.

Tests are proctored by a National Restaurant Association Certified Instructor and Proctor, right at Foodology, who is also registered with the Ohio Health Department under the 2017 Ohio law and regulations! 

For Level 2 - Manager Certification here is how the process works:

Purchase your 16 hour ServSafe Manager Online Training Course and Exam Access Code Here: 

Once your online course is completed, you will need aregistered proctorto administer your certification test.

This is where Foodology comes in...

Email Chef Andi at to set up a time to come in and take your test online with a registered proctor, a computer if needed, wi-fi, and complimentary beverages.

If you purchased an online exam voucher when you purchased your online 16 course from the above link, then the cost of test proctoring at Foodology is $40 for Level 2 Manager Certification.

If Foodology provides the exam voucher (recommended so that you get the correct one), then the cost is $75 
to have the test proctored.

The new law requirements can be confusing and very frustrating! At Foodology, we strive to make the process as painless and as quick as possible for everyone!

Feel free to contact Foodology via Email or Facebook with questions!