Foodology offers fun and laid-back recreational cooking classes for all ages, occasions, and skill levels!  

‚ÄčEach class of 10-12 people is a 2.5 - 3 hour cooking class with a classically trained chef with over 20 years of professional cooking experience and over 10 years of teaching culinary arts! The menu (depending on the class) will be anywhere from 3-5 dishes or courses that the class creates together. It's very hands-on! At the end of the class, all of the participants sit down together and enjoy the meal! The best part... no dishes to clean-up, no grocery shopping, and you get to take home the leftovers for your family and friends to try. Coffee, hot cocoa, and water are always provided, and adult guests are welcome to bring their favorite adult beverages. Prices for the classes range anywhere from $30 - $80, depending on the menu.

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